How it all started?

One summer evening, in the valley of Val Louron in the middle of  French Pyrenees, a beer or two started an economy debate. Eventually we did get to a more constructive topic of how would we present our activities and competition results to a wider range of public and in a new and different perspective. Jurij Vidic long fought as a lone ranger for a broader recognition of the most epic way of flying through short movies produced under the alias “Đuro productions”.

From words into actions…

So we have established a group called »Slovenian Paragliding Team« – a more consistent and interesting presentation of paragliding in all aspects. And no, it is not only about competitions. It is about all Slovenian pilots that have a story worth telling. No matter if it is daily report from the World Cup or just a relaxed paragliding vacation in remote places, there is a place for everyone on our blog!

What is it all about?

The purpose of the team is at first and foremost to impress the public and show them the beauties of our sport. On this website we will regularly inform you about our team’s results from competitions all around the world and write short reports from various paragliding events. There will be lots of interesting reading!

Competition flying is much bigger that it seems at the first sight. As well as flying with the worlds best pilots, unique feeling of freedom and the way of discovering natural beauties, there is also a strongly connected paragliding community –  our second family. Paragliding has taken us to some pretty amazing places of this world that we would otherwise have probably never experienced.

For our team to perform well, a lot of work is required. Anyone that fills our column or puts some effort in executing our goals is an important member of the Slovenian Paragliding Team! Daily reports, stories, travelogues, photos, videos, all this is contributed by many members of the Slovenian paragliding flock that are venturing on adventures all around the world. That their stories are presented to a wider public, the thanks mostly, but not exclusively, goes to:

Tilen Ceglar