It’s February. Not a lot of awesome flying going on in Europe. On the other side, we have more time to plan and prepare for the good days. Fortunately, we got the chance to play around with SkySight weather forecast and app. SkySight has been developed for gliding and its packed with special features and forecasts, also very useful for paragliding and something you cannot find on other weather services.

Miha Vovk, our rising star shares his enthusiasm:

Hey guys… I must admit … This rainy/cloudy/soggy/winter days make me feel miserable. No flying makes my mood swing like crazy, but on the other hand my mind is eager to seek those days that make flying possible. To just take the day as it is and make the best of it. 

Can you see all the rain 🙁 Fortunately it’s in the night.

Unfortunately, having a regular job makes it almost impossible to get in the air on every potentialy flyable day. That is why we reach out to our »weather guys«, to find out which are the best days and use those to reach the sky. We are fortunate enough to have one of the best »weather geeks«, if not THE ONE, as our sponsor – Skysight.

I have no idea how to easily present you all the data and options that it offers in one simple bundle, but bear with me. The guys know what they are doing – they know how to predict point SkewT, windgrams, point forecast, thermals, cloud coverage, convergence… You can even put in your route and they will tell you when to take off and where to diverge from optimal route to make it to your goal! They really get what a pilot needs. And their forecasts are spot on! Since they are glider pilots themselves, they know what we seek in a day and they make things simple. No more reading charts full of data. Just simple, intuitive, modernly looking forecast.

Point SkewT

You don’t know what point SkewT is? It is the most useful tool for reading out the day. If you don’t know how to use it and you want to find out more go to There you will also find the hours of thermal activity, height of thermal, expected cloudbase etc. It is just one click away. Find your location in the map and go! Click on each day and get usefull data for every 30 minutes – it’s impressive. Plan your route right there, maximize your speed and distance. You can even connect the phone with your subscription to your Oudie and you have all the data on the go – LIVE!

Tilen Ceglar writes more about the awesome intergration of SkySight forecast into Naviter‘s services:

Another key feature of Skysight is integration. Having a SeeYou account, you can connect with your Skysight account and integrate the weather forecast into the SeeYou home screen or task planner. This way you can quickly evaluate the quality of the upcoming three days.

Furthermore, the forecast from Skysight can be uploaded to your Oudie instrument, which can display several weather maps. Among other, the wind forecast can be really useful for your big flights. This was tested first hand while record hunting in Brazil, where seeing the stronger wind and the fastest line can make the difference to surpass the magical 500 km distance.

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Go ahead to and try it out with a 7-day free trial!

Catch the best days with Skysight
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