Tilen Ceglar

A classical case of a youngster who first got in to flying RC models and than decided that he wants to get airborne himself. Thanks to my parents, which leased a grass field for the RC airfield and my brother, who dragged me into a sailplane, the above came true. My situation today is merely a consequence of this pivotal events. The thing I now enjoy the most is fighting with the best in the world, who are right after the landing also my best friends!

Other sports: Everything that is driven by nature, like cycling, kitesurfing, climbing and snowboarding.

Best momentsUf, there are plenty. However, a daily victory at PWC France in 2016 hold a special place. The was top shit, strong conditions and it was full speed all day. My cup of tea. I was alone in the front most of the day and in the end I was fist in goal, successfully surviving all the attacks coming from two of the hottest names in paragliding, and on top of that they were french.

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