Because I have something to say about yesterday’s day, Yuri asked me if I write a report today. Here, behind us is the fifth race at the World Cup in Sopot. After so many days we have fallen into a nice rhythm – breakfast in the morning, then we pack things up and load at 9:30 in the van for transport to start. Until all of the previous days …

We drive on an aerodrome with an old chairlift, which has no brakes, and at a very good speed, there are passengers, where two chairlifts calm down the seat so that pilots with parachutes can sit on it. Something went wrong with me, and after a few meters I jumped up and the parachute remained on the chairlift, unsecured. To my astonishment, the chairlifts did not stop (as was usual in such cases) and I boarded the next seat and watched the parachute in front of me. First of all, I was pretty worried that it would fall down, because the pillars, on the pillars, where they were going through the roller skates, are shaking. But it seemed to be okay. In any case, I prepared the phone – turned on the GPS and prepared the camera. And indeed, in the pillar 22 (picture), the rukzak climbs into depth. In practically the most inaccessible part. FAK! I’m not *****. I immediately take the phone and send the drop-down location to the Whatsapp PWC group and make a photo location for easier search / rescue.

Slovenian Paragliding Team Overhaul
PWC Sopot, Bolgarija: Postaja naporno

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