Dušan Orož

Flying has been a big challenge and passion in my life since I can remember. Therefore I started with aircraft modelling in elementary school. I have made countless small aircrafts which were designed on my own and in most cases flyable. But of course this was not quite enough for me. During the study period paragliders in the nearby surroundings, which I observed in the sky, began to appear. So, quite late, I tried to fly with my friend for the first time on a small hill. THAT WAS IT! After a few years, I got my own equipment and began to learn flying. Since then I’ve been addicted and paragliding is part of my life.I enjoy the group flying as XC flying with friends or flying in the competitions … and of course we all enjoy the “after racing time” with exchanging experiences.

Other sports: In my youth, I was doing skating and quite good.  (Ollie, kick-flip, one eighty, etc. … they are not foreign to me). Like every kid, I also played soccer. I also tried climbing. In my spare time I also painted … no sport … but anyway hehe ;). Now I do recreational sports like football, basketball, squash, etc., where paragliding is of course on the first place.

Favorite moments: Uff … there are many of them in all those years. Actually almost every time is special in some way. It’s hard to point out just one. If I try to think about few at glance. Maybe the first podium in the extremely strong race, which is the “crème de la crème” – PWC Superfinal 2012 in Mexico. It will also remain in my memory the exceptional 10 hour flight with friends with which we accomplished the World Record in “out and return” flight – 302km in 2018. The views we had along flight and in the Italian Alps were divine! Then the FAI1 World Championship in Italy, where all four Slovenians were in the exceptional form and most of the time in the leading gaggle. All competitors and teams were tapping our shoulders and cheering for us. After seven tasks, I even took the lead in overall!

There are many nice moments!

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