Jurij Vidic

I have always been a man who wanted to try everything. From food to drinks and also activities. I had a work colleague who started to jump with paragliders (it was really just jumps back then). He invited me to a snowy field in Polhov Gradec and we started. After a few tries I managed to get my feet of the ground and at that moment I felt the butterflies in my stomach. Really in love, I bought a used Populair in the next week. From the beginning I took this sport mainly as mountaineering, with the cherry on the top to fly back down to the valley. Basically the same thing as todays hike and fly. Later, as paragliders and my experience grew, I took it as flying and traveling in the air. You will not believe it, but I was also a member of Erzo’s flock. Soon came the competitions. I started competing in 1995 in the national cup and in 1997 in the first world cup in Castejon de Sos, Spain. Nowadays I am basically flying only competitions and hike and fly. I name myself ParaTourist.

Other sports: Basketball, motocross, mountain bike, downhill…

Favourite moments: The one, where I hung on a tree top, after throwing my second reserve in my lifetime, in central Mexico, and after two hours of hanging 20 meters above ground finally rescuers came and pick me up.

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My first flight was on 18.2.1992 at 11:30h. It lasted 4:42 min.

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