Slovenian Paragliding Team Overhaul

Slovenian Paragliding Team Overhaul

Welcome to our new website! It was about time that we refreshed our look on the web. This time it’s not only a graphical overhaul but we included much more interesting stuff!

To start with, we present you the Slovenian Paragliding Team Collection where our famous and stylish Speedarms are available to order. Contact us for a custom design for your team, school or for your buddies! Or choose some of the Speedarms from our collection and rock the skies!

Well, the problem is when your flying, its hard to see your awesome Speedarms. That is why we added some sweet T-shirts with well-thought designs, from The Banana to the graphical illustration of Navier-Stokes equations, which shows how an aerofoil really produces lift. Yes a bit geeky, but we do have a graduate in Physics and Mechanical Engineering in our team after all.  Anyway, the T-shirts avoid screaming “I’m a Pilot” to the general public and your flying buddies will appreciate them!

Enough of advertising, lets switch to the important stuff. The content. The blog stays as it was. Unfortunately at the moment we do not have enough manpower to translate every post to English. Sorry about that, we will try to do our best nevertheless. Pictures and video are universal and there will be more of them in our vlogs! And since we are in 2018, you can follow us now on Instagram!

The feed from our Facebook page is shown in the side-menu, where you can also find the up-to-date FAI World Pilot Ranking System with Slovenian pilots in the top 100. Usually Jurij Vidic is rocking this one! In the footer of the page some useful links are presented.

Make sure to check what Slovenian Paragliding Team is all about. The member of the Slovenian National Team have their personal pages, with collections of their best results and FAI records. Did you know Primož Suša broke 9 FAI records in his career!


Under the wings of Aeronautical Association of Slovenia the Slovenian Youth Team was formed this year. Meet the rising stars of paragliding in Slovenia  in our dedicated page.

Last but not least, we would like to draw your attention to our sponsors and partners. Without them our team wouln’t be where it is today!

Thanks for your time, you are awesome!

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PWC Sopot, Bulgaria: To the top

PWC Sopot, Bulgaria: To the top

Because I have something to say about yesterday’s day, Yuri asked me if I write a report today. Here, behind us is the fifth race at the World Cup in Sopot. After so many days we have fallen into a nice rhythm – breakfast in the morning, then we pack things up and load at 9:30 in the van for transport to start. Until all of the previous days …

We drive on an aerodrome with an old chairlift, which has no brakes, and at a very good speed, there are passengers, where two chairlifts calm down the seat so that pilots with parachutes can sit on it. Something went wrong with me, and after a few meters I jumped up and the parachute remained on the chairlift, unsecured. To my astonishment, the chairlifts did not stop (as was usual in such cases) and I boarded the next seat and watched the parachute in front of me. First of all, I was pretty worried that it would fall down, because the pillars, on the pillars, where they were going through the roller skates, are shaking. But it seemed to be okay. In any case, I prepared the phone – turned on the GPS and prepared the camera. And indeed, in the pillar 22 (picture), the rukzak climbs into depth. In practically the most inaccessible part. FAK! I’m not *****. I immediately take the phone and send the drop-down location to the Whatsapp PWC group and make a photo location for easier search / rescue.

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PWC Sopot, Bolgarija: Postaja naporno

PWC Sopot, Bolgarija: Postaja naporno

Danes smo imeli 4 dirko, torej tisto, pri kateri se končno črta ena cela dirka – discard! Močan V/SV veter nam na startu grozi odpoved današnje discipline. Kljub temu nam tekmovalna komisija sestavi skoraj 85 km disciplino. Po nekajkratni prestavitvi časov nam naposled le uspe poleteti.

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